Goldsmith Delivers the Golden Touch!
Blockchain Consulting
Goldsmith Delivers the Golden Touch!

Consulting for Your STO Launch

Goldsmith is your #1 choice for blockchain consulting  for STO launch (Initial Coin Offering) and marketing your blockchain project. Let us consult you on how best to approach your launch with experienced crypto experts.

When raising capital through a Security TOken Offering, or STO, a token is sold to the general public which provides something similar to equity in ownership for the token investors. The digital ledger behind the token uses blockchain technology to offer transparent ownership on an international level opening the investment opportunities globally.

We understand how important it is to be in touch with the community, and we have our fingers on the pulse of crypto. Our team lives and breathes crypto, marketing and business and we are at your service. We want to give you the Golden touch.

Blockchain and ICO Consulting

Why Choose Goldsmith?

The Goldsmith Team works vigorously to ensure that every project we touch turns to gold through a combination of enterprise level marketing & development integration, secure and transparent communication systems and professional grade customer support throughout the campaign for both your team as well as investors participating in the Initial coin offering.

Goldsmith Delivers the Golden Touch!
Meet Our Blockchain and ICO Consulting Experts

Phil Reale CEO / Founder
Phil Reale
CEO / Founder

Jessica Hartman COO / Founder
Jessica Hartman
COO / Founder

Alan Dubla CTO / Founder
Alan Dubla
CTO / Founder

Thomas Smith CIO / Founder
Thomas Smith
CIO / Founder

David Mondrus Goldsmith Strategic Advisor
David Mondrus
Strategic Advisor

Louis Amatucci
Legal Advisor

Michael Rosenblat - Cryptocurrency Advisor for Goldsmith Blockchain Consultants
Mike Rosenblat
Strategic Advisor

Goldsmith Delivers the Golden Touch!


Initiating a serious marketing endeavor in a short time takes a well-synced team that knows how to get things done right the first time. The Goldsmith team is adaptive and scalable to your needs, utilizing cutting edge project management tools and experts to be sure your campaign is deployed properly, efficiently and on time.

Let us show you how ICO launching should be done. We are here to set the standard on initial coin offering marketing for clients around the world and in the US. Our skillsets are at your service, and ready to act now.

Goldsmith Delivers the Golden Touch!
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Goldsmith Delivers the Golden Touch!